Of Counsel Elizabeth Stephens Published in American Bankruptcy Institute Journal

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Sullivan Hill’s Elizabeth Stephens wrote an article published by the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal titled “Sen. Warren Proposes Sweeping Reforms to the Bankruptcy Code.” In the article, she provides an overview of Warren’s proposals, discusses what would stay the same under her plan, compares her ideas to relevant ABI Consumer Commission recommendations, and offers brief commentary on these highly complex matters.

“Warren spent a portion of her career researching the root causes of consumer bankruptcy filings…copying bankruptcy petitions and observing court proceedings. The resulting research showed that 90 percent of consumers petitioned for bankruptcy relief because of job losses, medical problems or a family breakup. First and foremost, she believes that her proposals will make it easier to obtain relief through bankruptcy. The Warren plan’s goals include the following….” states Ms. Stephens.

In the article, she explains how the Warren Plan will affect student loan debt, protection of home and cars, racial and gender disparities, and the rights to care for families during the bankruptcy process.  She further explains that some things would remain the same under  the Warren Plan and how some recommendations made by the ABI Consumer Commission are similar to the Warren Plan. “The charge to the ABI Consumer Commission was to recommend improvements within the bankruptcy system’s existing structure…many of the Consumer Commission’s conclusions coincide with those of the Warren plan,” states Ms. Stephens.

Ms. Stephens serves as managing attorney of Sullivan Hill’s Las Vegas office. She practices in the area of insolvency and bankruptcy, primarily representing trustees and creditors in consumer bankruptcies. She is also an experienced appellate lawyer.

About Sullivan Hill:

Sullivan Hill has provided efficient, aggressive and responsive legal representation for more than 50 years. The firm provides full service representation to clients in a variety of industries with an emphasis in insolvency, construction disputes, insurance coverage, real estate, business disputes, civil litigation, and transactional work.  The firm has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas.

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On March 9, 2020

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