Oil & Gas

Sullivan Hill’s representation within the oil and gas industry spans nearly three decades. Our lawyers have a unique repository of experience which allows them to offer valuable business counsel to oil and gas companies.

This firm was founded by Jim Sullivan, former in-house chief trial counsel for Texaco. When Mr. Sullivan founded our firm, Exxon (and what was then Mobil) and Texaco sought out the litigation skills Mr. Sullivan and his partners brought to the firm. Several members of the firm (including Donald Rez) worked on matters Mr. Sullivan initially originated and through those opportunities developed an understanding of the oil and gas industry and its needs in litigation, including in such contexts as antitrust, securities, franchising and dealers and commercial contractual disputes. Later, Robert Allenby developed expertise dealing with oil and gas companies in his dealings with governmental entities and agencies including those associated with the San Diego Unified Port District and its matters, as did Shannon Sweeney through her assistance with litigation matters for Shell Exploration B.V. The firm and its current members (including Donald Rez) have also represented small independent oil and gas producers in major litigation with pipelines and distributors.

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