Shareholder Jim Hill Gives an Update for the State Bar of California Business Law Section as BLS Representative and CLA Board Member

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The Business Law Section (BLS), is a leading force for all California business lawyers. Starting well more than one year ago, the BLS stepped forward to help lead the movement of all Sections of the State Bar of California into a new structure, to better serve it’s more than 8,000 members. The BLS succeeded in their efforts. Now, starting January 1st, with the full blessing of the State Bar of California, both houses of the state Legislature, the Governor, and the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, the BLS and the 16 other former Sections of the State Bar of California, including the California Young Lawyers Association, will step up to become the California Lawyers Association (CLA), a nonprofit, voluntary organization supported directly by members.

The CLA’s extensive membership represents the vast diversity of California’s legal community and the various areas of law practiced throughout the state. Innovative and dedicated, they deliver high-quality programs, events, and resources and continuously seek new ways to expand our offerings. Through premier educational and networking opportunities, members can maintain expertise in their respective fields, build contacts, and uphold the legal profession. Under the new mantle, as an independent entity, the CLA is able to provide greater value to their members, including direct communication with the California Legislature, and be more responsive to members’ needs. Together, they are committed to fostering excellence and fellowship throughout the California legal community.

During January 2018, the inaugural Board and members of the CLA will be nominating and electing CLA’s new officers and kicking off the year with an in-person meeting of the CLA Board, and with an all-sections leadership and educational chairs summit. Their formative bylaws, operating procedures and policies and initial budgets will be adopted at this same time. The CLA will be up and running, with no interruption in services, education programs, publications, statutory and case law updates, and legislative analysis, commentary and proposals. In short, members rise as a rejuvenated and even stronger BLS, part of the CLA, the bar association for all California lawyers.

About Sullivan Hill:

Sullivan Hill has provided efficient, aggressive and responsive legal representation for more than 50 years. The firm provides full service representation to clients in a variety of industries with an emphasis in insolvency, construction disputes, insurance coverage, real estate, employment, business disputes, civil litigation, and transactional work.  The firm has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas.

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On January 12, 2018

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